South Carolina approved credit-counselors

The following partial list contains South Carolina Approved bankruptcy credit counselors.

This list is provided as a service for clients of Brunson Law LLC.  This list is in no particular order. You may use another credit counselor of your choosing for both the pre-filing and financial management course.  For more information about South Carolina approved credit counselors please visit the United States Bankruptcy Trustee’s website.

Please remember you need to complete the pre-filing credit counseling before you can get a bankruptcy case number.  After your case has been filed you must complete the Financial Management course in order to receive a discharge.  As always clients of Brunson Law may call our office at 803-403-1955 if you have any further questions

  1.  Abacus Credit Counseling: or 1-800-516-3834
  2. Access Counseling, Inc: or 1-800-205-9297
  3. Allen Credit and Debt Counseling Agency: or 1-888-415-8173
  4. Consumer Financial Education Foundation of America: or
  5. Credit Card Management Services, Inc.: or 1-800-920-2262
  6. Cricket Debt Counseling: or 1-866-719-0400
  7. DebtorWise Foundation: or 1-800-870-2222
  8. Family Service Center of South Carolina: or 1-800-223-9213
  9. InCharge Debt Solutions: or 1-866-729-0049
  10. MoneySharp Credit Counseling Inc.: or 1-866-200-6825
  11. National Financial Literacy Foundation, Inc.: or
  12. The Mesquite Group, Inc: or 1-877-769-4069
  13. Urgent Credit Counseling, Inc.: or 1-866-233-1940