Category: Credit Card Debt

  • Stop Being Afraid of Bankruptcy and Start Living your Life Again!

    “I never thought I would have to file bankruptcy.” “I never thought I would be here.” “I was doing fine until I got sick.” “I was brought up to pay my bills.” “I am robbing Peter to pay Paul.” “I could pay my bills until I lost my job.” Everyday during consultations I hear statements […]

  • Erase Credit Card Debt

    Are you caught in the credit trap? Credit card debt can accumulate for a number of reasons: loss of income, death in the family, medical bills, or divorce. A lot of credit card debt can be very stressful and create a financial strain on your family.  It seems like you can keep paying the minimum […]

  • Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy

    What are the differences between debt consolidation and bankruptcy? Debt consolidation allows you to consolidate your credit card debt into one payment.  Typically a company will look at your debt, income and expenses, and create a payment plan for you. Debt consolidation will NOT include your finance companies, cash advances, medical bills, or various unsecured […]