Category: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy Filing Fees will Increase on June 1st

    The Judicial Conference of the United States decided at their meeting in March that bankruptcy filing fees would increase in June.  The Judicial Conference was formed to make policy with regard to the administration of the US Courts. The Bankruptcy Court filing fees are increasing June 1, 2014.  The filing fees will increase $29, which […]

  • Will I be able to get Credit after Bankruptcy?

    One of the biggest concerns for clients is if they filed bankruptcy, then will they be able to get credit after the case is done? Written by Columbia SC Bankruptcy Attorney Colleen Brunson. The answer is YES! Some creditors like the fact that the bankruptcy has cleared most or all of the debtor’s debt. Creditors […]

  • The Bankruptcy Filing Process

    The Bankruptcy Filing Process. There are a lot of people in South Carolina that have questions about the bankruptcy filing process.  While it can vary depending on several factors, this post should provide some basic insights into what to expect in a typical case.  Bankruptcy can be a scary and intimidating situation but working with […]

  • Erase Credit Card Debt

    Are you caught in the credit trap? Credit card debt can accumulate for a number of reasons: loss of income, death in the family, medical bills, or divorce. A lot of credit card debt can be very stressful and create a financial strain on your family.  It seems like you can keep paying the minimum […]